Dearest Baby (5 1/2 months)

Hello Baby,

Well better late than never I suppose. I actually meant to do one of these every month. A monthly record of stuff you now do and little (and big) milestones achieved. I kind of got busy with looking after you and trying to catch up on sleep in the day. As well as going out, watching too much trash telly and generally being a bit lazy from time to time.

So whilst you’re asleep in my lap, here is what you’ve been doing (or not!), this month:

1. You can now roll over without trapping your arm under yourself. You still screech though. I used to think it was because of afore mentioned trapped arm. Turns out you just like screeching.

2. Now that you can turn over you try desperately to move forward but don’t really get anywhere. Many a time you lie grappling with the changing mat looking like a baby body surfer.

3. You cried the first time someone tried “Round and round the garden” on your hand. Hehe, I’m not sure why. I’ve tried after that and you chuckled so I’m
hoping it’s just that you didn’t like the person very much.

4. I’m convinced I caught you scowling at the cousin that never picks you up (and who generally doesn’t like babies!). You sat in your jumperoo, toy bee in mouth being drowned with your saliva, attempting a stare off. She glanced over at you nervously once or twice to be met by your steely stare. She’s lovely, she just doesn’t like sick or drool. I’m sure she’ll pick you up when you’re around 1ish. If you stop sicking up by then.

5. You love weaning / eating (whatever the correct term is). You seem to like stuff that stinks e.g mushed broccoli and spinach. Generally these result in equally stinky poos. You’re not too keen on some fruit at the moment. I always thought you’d jump at the sweet stuff! Especially considering both mummy and daddy have very sweet tooths! Regardless of what you’re eating though, I need to remember your hands are as quick as lightning, many a time finding their way gripped around the spoon in a flash. You also know how to clamp your mouth shut, tight, when you don’t like it or don’t want anymore.

6. According to one of those baby progression emails you might start giving hugs soon. Where’s my hug? I’m waiting! I thought you were going to give me one the other day. Turns out you just wanted to chew on my cardigan.

7. You still wake for night feeds. Personally I think some babies just don’t sleep through for a long. Long. Long time. As in more than 12 months; a year. *sob* I’m just kidding. It’s more like *weep*

8. I saw a 5 month old baby have a taste of coke (yes, COKE!) the other day. I was utterly stunned. You haven’t even had juice yet. Obviously this isn’t one of your milestones, just…I was so stunned! I’ll point him out when you’re older.

9. You look around in wonderment when I take you into another room in our house. You’ll turn around constantly examining everything, occasionally laughing at something (hopefully “approval” laughter rather than a mocking one). I find it really cute as you’ve seen our home a million times over. Umm I hope you’re not going to inherit obsessive cleanliness traits from your father or anything. Then again…

10. You love going outside. You will look out the window from your car seat and sometimes I hear you babble until you fall asleep. Sometimes it even sounds like you’re turning the pages of your crinkly fabric book thing 🙂

Next month…

Well hopefully we have some proper sun and we can go to the park properly and even sit for a bit and feed the ducks!


12 thoughts on “Dearest Baby (5 1/2 months)”

  1. Oh bless him, so funny watching them paddling about on their tummies, he’ll be pushing himself forward on his knees soon, then he’ll bring the hands in and then he’ll be mobile!

    Coke?! Why?!!!

    1. I know! The mind boggles doesn’t it? He was grabbing (like all babies do) and she thought that was some sort of sign to give baby a bit of fizzy drink. Bonkers!

  2. This is lovely. I laughed at ‘turns out you just like screeching’. It brings back such lovely memories – I can hardly imagine that my galumping great teenagers were ever cut little babies. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! x

  3. wow this is a post from the past indeed!! this brought back some baby memories for me- things you can so easily forget which is why its fab having a blog to collate information like this for looking back on.
    and why oh why would anyone let their 6 month old try coke cola??? that is soooooo wrong!! xx

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