How Much Is Enough?

I think I’m starting to get a bit confused with the “building up” of food and drink for the baby.  Maybe its information overload or worrying unecessarily but I think I may be after some advice from other parents out there.

The reason for my puzzled state goes something like this.  My, now 6 month old, baby boy has never been fantastic on milk and its always been a bit of a challenge to make him drink all his bottles.   I think on a GOOD day he manages about 20oz.  On a NORMAL day this can range between 15 – 20 oz.  The Health visitors have never seen it as a problem, as he is following a line on his growth chart and is consistent in his growth pattern.  So…not the best milk drinker, but so far, so ok.

Now.  Since food has been introduced it is becoming even more difficult to get him to drink the “required” 20oz a day.  Apparently that is what the guidelines say.  And apparently after 6 months this becomes even more important due to depleting baby iron reserves.  At the moment he us having 2 meals comfortably a day and in the next month or so I should be building up to a 3rd meal.

My worry is that milk is just going to get pushed out even more than it is doing now.    Having scrutinised a few suggested baby meal planners it looks like baby should be having about 4 bottles and 3 meals a day.  That sounds like a heck of a lot of food and drink to give to my little one even in a couple of months time.  And for one who seems to have a dislike of milk anyway its like the perfect little “get out of milk, free” card for him.     He loves food and wolfs it down.  It just the milk he doesnt seem keen on…or the bottle? Or the brand of formula? Or…hmmm, I don’t know what.

At the moment I’m thinking I’d like to stick to two meals a day so that the 3rd “meal” could then be a bottle of milk.  Or maybe substitute with something like a yoghurt or milk based pudding.  Have other parents done this?  Does it work?  Will it give him enough of what he needs to keep going/growing/thriving?  Or should I be giving him smaller portions of food and that way he has to drink more milk?

I would love to hear what other parents are doing / have experienced.   Do people out there have milk-haters, food lovers?  Did milk get crowded out of your little ones diet earlier than you wanted?  Did you sneak it in every other which way instead?  Basically, as you can see, I am a bit… ok…a LOT confused.

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  1. My daughter didn’t drink much milk until she was about 6 months old. Even then it wasn’t in the “normal” range. She would have maybe 2-3 oz bottles at the most before then but most days it was a struggle to get her to have that amount.

    I thought it had to do with the formula she was on and when she was about 3 month old, I tried every fromula out there and found she liked one with less lactose better. Her milk intake still didn’t go up that much though.

    It’s the same when she went on solids. Some days I wonder how such a little girl could eat so much, other days it’s like she survives on air. 🙂

    She’s also on the small side but I think it’s normal because I’m petite. Last year, one of the doctors she had wanted us to “fatten her up”. I thought it was crazy.

    I think your babe is fine, especially since he seems to be loving regular food. xx

    1. I would hug you if I could reach you!! He behaves the exact same way, few ounces here and there. Other mummies are saying a similar thing. It does sound like a bit of a relief.

  2. I would try not to worry. It is much easier said than done, I know, but we’ve had similar issues in our house in recent months. (My LO has just turned one). I think as long as they’re taking on some fluids, don’t get too stressed about the exact amount, or the milk/water ratio. They need less milk as the food quantity goes up, but chances are, they haven’t read the books that say they need 20 oz each day. Some days, they’ll eat loads or drink loads, other days not so much. We’re trying to switch all bottles to cups at the moment, and most of the time it’s going fine. By supper time though, when tiredness and hunger is setting in, we just have a tantrum and nothing is consumed at all until I relent and get the bottle.

    Your idea of yogurts or milky puddings is a good one, and you can also add formula to the food or to sauces.

    If you’re worried about iron especially, make sure you’re preparing iron-rich foods. Things like broccoli, spinach, beef, pork are good. Or a mild chilli – you get a double hit from the meat and the beans.

    Hope it starts getting easier!

    1. Thanks!! The iron thing is a worry, I like the idea of things like chilli. Hope your LO falls in love completely with cups and beakers soon 🙂

  3. I have been worrying about exactly the same thing! Slightly different situation though as Iyla seems to love milk way more than food. She’s breastfed so I don’t have a clue how many ounces she has but she still wants to be fed a lot. The last time I spoke to my HV about it (when Iyla was 7m), she just said that anytime from then is when they should start the change-over to having more food than milk and as long as they are gaining weight then its fine. At least he loves food though 🙂

  4. Aaaaahh I remember those days of worrying if my baby got ‘enough’ or was ‘normal’ in what he drank and/or ate. I could cry for you ladies.
    Every adult eats different amounts and has different tastes. The same goes for babies. Stop worrying. If your child is healthy and not screaming with hunger, then he/she is getting enough.
    Offer a good variety of foods and keep giving milk/water.
    Before you know it, you’ll be worrying how to stop them eating – and thinking they might just overdose on cupcakes! ;-D

  5. Hi, when my DD was a baby I breastfed and tried to change to bottles, her weight dropped and I was frantically trying to “feed her up”

    I think that as moms we always worry and as Donna at Mummy Central says, before you know it you will be worrying how to stop them eating! My mom used to say “it is a moment in time” I wanted to throttle her ….. but typically she was right!!

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