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This is my first entry into Kate’s Listography linky over at Kate Takes 5.  This week the theme is Inventions we would invent to make our lives easier.  As you can imagine a lot of them are “new baby” related.

1.  The Complete Baby Steriliser.

This fantastic gadget would pick your bottles up (by some clever magnetic radar thing) and draw it into the sterliser.  It would then proceed to disassemble all the bottles into its varioues components, wash them thoroughly and the finish the job off by stertilising them.  It would even have a timer on it so you’d have freshly sterilised bottles waiting for you when you woke up or came home from an outing.

2.  The Baby feed maker

This not only makes up a baby’s feed for you but self fills itself when baby has decided he wants more.  How many panicked trips to the kitchen would that save.

2.  The self washing and cleaning car

No car would ever need washing again, ever.  Inside or out.  As soon as it detected you had left it would scan itself and hoover up, get rid of all the empty bottles, toys, wrappers etc and clean itself inside and out.

3.  The Meal Dispenser

You pick from the gadget (or even the app on your iPhone) what you want to eat and the Meal Dispenser goes about making it.  Completly nutrional and healthy.  It even washes up once you’re finished!

4.  The Ultra Light Baby Seat

How heavy are they! Are they filled with cement?  Anyway, this ultra light baby seat would be just as safe and weigh about the same size as your clutch or handbag.  It might even just clip itself into the car so no more faffing with seatbelts or bases.

5.  The Tummy Firmer

A magical pill that snaps your tummy back to EXACTLY what it was before you were pregnant.  No more need to excercise like crazy or watching what you eat.

5 thoughts on “Listography – Inventions”

  1. I could hire my Husband out as a car cleaning machine. He is obsessed. He even cleaned it BEFORE we went on holiday to the beach. Madness. Would you like a load of him?

  2. Reminded me of the hassles involved with bringing up babies. It is my first week too and my number 5 is a bit like yours

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