What Happened Last Night

Last night was a bad night for baby. He had spent the evening throwing up owing to a nice little bug that’s going around. It then took till 9pm to settle him down completely. I dropped into bed by 11pm, tired, hoping we would both have a good night.

What happened next was a bit of a blur, but it goes something like this…

Baby was completely unsettled most of the night and crying on and off. I decided to cradle him in my arms and sleep sitting up. I’d just about dropped off when the OH started sleep talking.

“Let go of my arm.” I ignored it. He sleep talks quite a lot and I’ve learned to filter it out, whilst keeping an ear open for any funny bits. Tonight wasn’t funny and so I ignored it and tried to settle to back to sleep again.

He repeated it, this time tugging at me. He’s also done this before too. Ignoring him again I carried on trying to sleep.

“Let go. Wake up!” Tugging harder now he suddenly shook me out of sleep. I sat up in bed puzzled. I looked over to the basket where baby had been sound asleep all this time. It dawned on me I’d been dreaming but hugging the OHs arm tighter and tighter thinking it was the baby.

I think I need some proper sleep.

4 thoughts on “What Happened Last Night”

  1. when the baby is having a bad night, one of other of you needs to sleep in the spare room for everyone’s sanity

    1. We do have a spare room and we are meant to use it for that but it’s always covered with fresh laundry. Must clean up.

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