Napping and Yapping…Do it for Mamama!

These days it feels like Baby Boy’s routine is all about eating and sleeping. Oh and pooing, of course. Can’t forget the pooing. For a baby that has never liked milk I was expecting similar battles when he started weaning. By battles I mean chasing him around with a bottle, waving toys in front of him as a means of distraction and sometimes sitting next to him putting it to his lips every minute or so, literally. He’s perfected the art of pushing it away at the speed of lightning and clamping his mouth firmly shut! To my utter surprise (and deep joy), he loves eating and unless he gets bored, he will obediently wolf it down. He even sleeps during the day. 2 hours at a time. This is a baby who hasn’t napped properly since he was born. So napping in the day has come as a blissful blessing. The first time he did it i thought it was because he’d had a rough night. After a week i started getting very excited at the thought of 2 whole hours where i could…do…stuff. Wow.

I don’t know how long it’ll last and apparently there is something called “8 month sleep regression”??!! What the! Where does this stuff come from?? Why? Why?? Is it to remind mummies of the sleepless night fun they were missing? Maybe (hopefully!!), Baby Boy will miss that little memo and not do it. Well, you know. Wishful thinking. Hmm.

In other news, on Thursday, during one of the many meal times, baby had gone into “whinge mode” which is usually spurred by my “pushy-mum-have-one-more-spoon-darling-its-so-Yummmmm!” baby started babbling. This is very new and there are two types at the moment. 1 is happy squealing, face slapping and using dummy as weapon. The other is frowning and annoyed gibberish. This particular meal time, Baby Boy had had quite enough and was whinging, arms outstretched, asking to be picked up. The fact his daddy was home doesn’t help. Anytime daddy is in sight, everything is forgotten and his little
eyes could light up the entire house, he is that delighted. This meant Baby Boys attention was fixated on daddy and his patience was running thin. As his whinging was about to crescendo into full on crying he started babbling “mamamama”. Yes he said mama!! Excitedly, I pointed out to Daddy dearest baby’s “first word”. Daddy dearest attempted to raise a feeble argument through girlie giggles about how it’s not really a word (Puh!) but promptly plonked himself next to me on the floor and started recording a food covered baby, waiting for him to repeat it. Baby Boy was amused for about a second before realising he wasn’t going to be picked up and raised the grumpiness up a level and firmly denying us joys of more cute babbling. We didn’t need to wait too long. His favourite time “talking” is now 5 -6am. He’s still not said mama again though. And it does so count as a word!

5 thoughts on “Napping and Yapping…Do it for Mamama!”

  1. I don’t think they all get the dreaded ‘8 month sleep regression’ so you might be one of the lucky ones! I am now on the second night of 2 hour wakings and can’t believe it can go on for as long as a month! So unfair! And yay for him saying mama first! Its quite uncommon apparently, although I think it should be standard as we are (usually) the ones that do most of the hard work!

  2. Mama is totally a word! Definitely counts. He’s just jealous that it wasn’t Dada instead. 😛 hehe

    I think the 8 month sleep regression thing is a bit of a myth… the truth is, as far as I can make out, all babies go through phases where they sleep a lot followed by times when they don’t… and it changes from child to child. You can’t predict it!

  3. Yay for him saying mama! 🙂 I’ve found that changes in sleep habits can happen anytime. My 2 yo was going to bed withought any trouble and now she fights it and has started to wake up in the middle of the night. Yikes!

  4. I find that just when you think sleeping is getting better with your child – they have a relapse!! You just have to expect the worse, then if you get a good nights sleep it’s welcome surprise.
    Mama does count totally! Burton first said it when he was about 9-10 months but then didn’t say it again until a few months ago!! Xx

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