12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday – 24/07/2011”

  1. Controller! Gimme! A future X box player. My two are obsessed with the TV remote and pressing all the buttons. Must be a man thing!
    Love the name of your blog BTW, remember someone telling me I was on a year off. Ha! As if! x

    1. Remote Controls make his eyes completely light up!! Daddy would never let his nieces / nephews touch the controllers but it’s ok for his “gorgeous” 🙂

  2. What is it about phones and controllers that babies love so much?? In the end we had to find a few redundant controllers to give our two to play with so we could watch something without it being turned over half way through!! Great pic! Emma 🙂

  3. Great shot. We tried broken remote controls for ours but somehow they just ‘knew’ and went for the real thing! typical x

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