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This week the theme over at the Gallery is Travel.

I love travelling!! Everything about it; the build up, the packing, the travelling and learning new things.  I havent travelled the world (although I’d love to) but am always dreaming of my “next trip”.  My Gallery was going to cover a very girlie trip which started off in Antwerp, travelled through Brussels and Lille and finished off in Paris, but this morning I realised those pictures are on my work laptop, which I can’t get into because the password has expired. Dammit!

Soooo…I’ll cover another favourite, which was to Rome.  The travel itself was on Ryan Air and blinkin ‘eck it is slow, and suffers from sever delay-itis.  Rome itself is amazing.  The architechture, the food and the culture, all so lovely, diverse and absolutely FULL of history.  Its like an adult school trip.  And the FOOD, did I mention that?  One day, we will go back.  We happened to go on Easter weekend without actually realising till we got there and the atmosphere was amazing.  I’m not Catholic but it was still a brilliant experience to see so many make the pilgrimage to Vatican City and see real live monks (What? I’ve never seen them before!).  Its not the most child buggy friendly place, what with all the stairs but stick a baby in a sling and voila…that would work very well indeed.

Some of my favourite bits…

The Forum…






The Ice Cream…!

The Colloseum…

and The Naughty pic…

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5 thoughts on “The Gallery – Travel”

  1. Oh gosh! You are so lucky! I love the pictures! They are taken at angles television never shows. So beautiful! One day I’ll get to travel and I hope I can take pictures as gorgeous as these.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 it is a brilliant place, I’m definitely going to go back one day. I’m sure you will love it!

  2. Agree on Rome, a fabulous place and get you dodging the most over protective security guides to take a photo in the Sistine chapel! In fact most interesting places in Italy have over protective security guards, in one art gallery they made us look at ALL the paintings before we could move on!

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