Dearest 8 Month Old

So…You are CRAWLING!! (Properly!!) After a couple of months of watching you like a hawk to try to capture that first moment, you obviously decided to do it when I was distracted for a second and crawled straight past me before I started squealing with excitement, which then made you start crying. I need to work on that. Sorry.

So, umm, we learned you can’t be placed on the bed anymore whilst i make your feed because you’ll just flip over and merrily crawl into the dark. Unfortunately you fell off and banged your nose. Cue blood and a panicked rush to A&E. Thankfully you were ok. I knew you were fine when you got excited pulling at the doctors stethoscope. I glued you to my hip for a few days after that!

Other things you’ve been doing this month…

– Pulling yourself up holding the sofa. Then getting excited, letting go and falling flat on your back. If you could learn to fall on your bum quite quickly then that would be great for both of is.

– I’m sure this has spurred a fresh batch of grey hairs to make an appearance. In my fringe! Again!!

– You had your first big family do at your granddads house last week and you loved it! I thought you might bawl at so much commotion but you loved all the attention and kept playing your “tilt head from side to side” game with your 7 year old uncle. People absolutely adore this about you usually and will copy you to egg you on. You did it so much though that the poor lad got bored and eventually walked off. You looked a bit confused.

– You’ve started throwing ALL your food on the floor for some reason. Then you try to get out of your high chair to get it again. I presume so you can eat it… Or possibly just to chuck it again. What’s that about? I keep finding stuff everywhere!

– After weeks of multiple wake ups you did a very surprising thing.. You slept till 6.30am. I couldn’t believe it!! I didn’t think that day would ever come. Whilst I enjoy the night feeds immensely, if you wanted to drop them all completely then that would be grand, I mean, fine.

Until next time baby!! Mwah!

2 thoughts on “Dearest 8 Month Old”

  1. The crawling thing is very exciting to start off with isn’t it?! And then exhausting as you realise you need ten pairs of eyes to keep up with them. When F was 8 months she was barely sitting unaided, let alone crawling! x

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