Long Distance Peekaboo-ing

This time last week we were on our way to our first long distance trip with Baby Boy. It was only to Center Parcs but at 5 hours it was going to be a fairly long trip with a baby in tow.

Our cunning master plan was to keep baby very awake during the morning and try to get him to forsake his morning nap. This would obviously (hmm) mean that baby would then drop off the minute we set off and sleep a good couple of hours. We would then stop for a break, feed baby, have a good play for an hour and then set off again. This would obviously (hmm) mean baby would then play peacefully in the back and eventually drop off again. Our secret weapon (the iPad with In the Night Garden on it), would be pulled out should we need it. Easy peasy!

The execution of our plan was delayed from the outset. Mainly due to trying to cram 300 loaves of various bread and breakfast foods into the boot of the car without squishing anything. You can read more about why we actually had 300 loaves in one of my previous posts.

It took about an hour to finally get clothes AND baked goods into the car and the boot shut. Once we’d loaded the rest of our baked goods and clothes into pockets of free space in the car and shimmied our way to our seats we were ready to go. Baby Boy also looked like he was ready for a long nap. So far so good! What Baby Boy didn’t tell us was that he’d decided to only have a power nap on this particular day.

About 30 minutes into our journey Baby Boy woke up, bright eyed and full of energy, and wanting a playmate. My own secret hopes for a two hour nap went the same way as baby’s nap.

The next few hours were spent like this:

Trying to entertain a baby with a string of toys. This lasted about 5 minutes each before they were (usually) chucked out the seat on the other side. Where I can’t reach

Trying to get baby to watch Iggle Piggle on the iPad. This had to be abandoned quite early when baby found it was much more fun to kick the iPad instead.

Playing Peekaboo for one whole hour. This was actually a lot of fun for half an hour when Baby Boy discovered he could do it himself. By the end of the hour I felt a bit hoarse.

Trying to feed baby in a moving car. This inevitably means food will go all over the carseat, seats of the car, on Baby Boys clothes and on himself. He fed well though. Success!

Realising I hadn’t packed a spare top for baby in my changing bag and everything was packed away in the boot, barricaded by 300 loaves of bread.

Stopping at a service stop with a baby (delighted at being freed and screaming this to any passer by) covered in food. We decided he may as well stay in them for the remainder of journey as the thought of unpacking 300 loaves wasn’t too appealing.

Watching the overtired but utterly excited baby eventually have a small nap and arriving at Center Parcs with a huge sigh of relief; we’d made it!!

Laughing at the other half when he said “I’ll never judge a parent again by the state of their baby”.

The journey back was smoother somehow. Probably because Baby Boy slept most of the journey!

6 thoughts on “Long Distance Peekaboo-ing”

  1. Oh the joys of travelling with a baby! Love the OH’s comment about not judging by the state of baby! This reminds me of a 6 hour drive we once done, we left at 4am hoping the then 2Yo would sleep for 2-3 hours, but he was actually wide awake until the half way point where he had planned to stop for breakfast!
    As baby gets older, spot the (insert colour) car/lorry/bike game is good xx

  2. Haha whenever I assume that Iyla will sleep, she never does! That sounds like an incredibly long time to play peek a boo for though! Well done! Luckily he slept for you on the way back! X

  3. Oh dear, at least the journey back was better and I hope you had a great time at Center Parcs. We go to Edinburgh in December each year (over 4 hours) and down to Nottingham every few weeks (a couple of hours) so MC is very used to fairly long car journeys. I should imagine it will get better when baby boy can see out of the window – that certainly helped here x

  4. I really can sympathise with you! after being stuck on a plane in dublin for 3 hours! bring on the years they are big enough to play eye spy! xx

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