11 thoughts on “The Going Back to Work Meeting”

  1. Good luck! Your boss sounds amazing, going back gradually will be beneficial. Also Don’t forget your keep in touch days, you get paid for them. 2 and a bit years on I’m still going in doing my hours & rushing home, BUT i do love the real conversations about real grown up things!

  2. Good luck! Part-time would be perfect, I’m not working at the moment and I do live it but I think I would be a lot better with Iyla if I wasn’t with her every single day! x

  3. Oh i feel you you, as it it difficult but I think work and motherhood combined have their benefits too. I don’t know if your work offer it but there is such a thing as keeping in touch days when you can do the odd day and get paid in the lead up to work. x

  4. Good luck – I think lots of women don’t realise how much their priorities will change after they have a baby. I was exactly the same. I thought I’d want to return to my full time job because I loved it. Turned out I didn’t love it more than my baby and I now work freelance. This means some weeks I do work full time but others I just work from home. I never EVER thought I’d be doing this a year ago!

  5. Be clear about what you want, never apologise for leaving on time, and let them know that from the beginning what your new boundaries are.
    The next generation matter – you are entitled to part time. It might be a shock for them but you are still the same fabulous worker – good luck X

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