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  1. I never realised that Rachel had been in the paper wow! I wish I had known about Twitter during my first time around night time feeding and having a baby as it’s been great second time around! I am grateful to twitter for introducing me to so many like minded people – it has really kept me company and helped me. Great post xx

  2. I am so happy that I discovered Twitter but I wish I has known about it before having Iyla. I used to spend the entire night on my phone looking at google trying to find out why my baby wouldn’t sleep! I would have felt a lot less alone had I been able to go on and talk with all you Twitter mums! I love it, there is always someone to talk to on there, my Facebook is boring now.People I know don’t ‘get it’, but I am addicted! X

  3. I’ve found the Twitter community, and mummy blogger community, fantastic. You can put random questions out there and there is always someone with some relevant experience or advice to share. I just wish I’d discovered it sooner, like when I was pregnant or still night feeding. I spent many nights playing solitaire and sudoku on my phone willing myself to stay awake, I’m almost positive that Twitter would have been more entertaining.

    1. I discovered it just before having baby so was lucky in that sense but would have been ace to find it during pregnancy insomnia! I shall be prepared for next baby 

  4. I used Twitter for a while and then took a break from it for over a year – during my pregnancy and V’s birth. I discovered Twitter Mums and blogging community pretty much the same way you did – but a little later – V was about 7 or 8 months old. Although I find myself wishing I’d discovered it all earlier, I’m so glad that at least I *have* found it!
    I have to add though – I’m quite happy to find out about the latest shoes as well as baby clothes 🙂 X

  5. Same as rest of you commenting, wish I’d discovered the twitter mums earlier, I’m very late S was 2! But I have to say I at times feel more community spirit & help & support from twitter mums than any of the baby groups I attended!
    Well said hun!

  6. Great site, love it . I will pass it on to others who are pregnant Keep up the good content, very educational. Good work.

  7. I had joined twitter the year before under my husband’s insistence but I never understood it, and found it boring because none of the celebrities interacted! It wasn’t until last September/October that I started fishing around and found a few people to follow. @The_Moiderer was one of my first real-life follows, then @Mammywoo and also @Mugpi. Maybe I was starting with the Ms?

    I’ve found twitter to be a saving grace and have made so many lovely, real-life friends ever since then.

  8. I’ve never followed a celebrity – I find them vacuous, tedious, self-obsessed. My Twitter timeline is totally authentic: real people with real problems – and real humour. I was totally anti-Twitter before I lost my job last year, but now it is completely integrated into my existence.

  9. I too wish I’d found Twitter & blogging when I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was so bored towards the end of that pregnancy it would’ve been great to interact with others in the same position…but I’ve found them now anyway & it.’s great to chat about the toddler stage with them too. I was amazed at that whole world out there that I had never even heard of before January this year!

  10. I agree, twitter and over forms of social networking definitely gives you extra support and some allies in the landmine of parenting!
    It would have been lovely to have someone to talk to during the 3am breastfeed or give advise when Princess turned 18months and learned to climb out of her cot!

  11. Yes my timeline has changed lots. Initially I started twitter just for comps and then discovered blogs and people and now friends and it really is amazing. It has been a real life line for me too! Great post. x

  12. Twitter (and then as a by-product, blogging) has been my saviour. I barely use google any more – who needs it when you have an army of people with great advice at your fingertips?! I think that without the support of so many lovely people on Twitter I would have struggled so much more since JW was born x

  13. I discovered blogs when Esther and William first came home. I read every post by The Boy and Me during a couple of very tricky nights. She kept me going and then I found her and other Mummies on Twitter. I have not looked back since. Lovely to find your blog through Show Off Show Case x

  14. Oh how I wish we had this stuff way back when, in my day you had 3 channels of tv and it went off at night. Mind with child number I could sit and read the teletext….I really think this is when these sites come into their own, knowing somebody will at least talk to you and save you going nuts

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