Colours – The Gallery

This week on Sticky Fingers the theme is Colours. Here’s the colour I picked and my entry…


The very white fresh snow that trapped OH and I indoors for a whole week (yes…7 days!).


The flowers I got sent…


And the clouds, taken one night from a plane going to Egypt…


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9 thoughts on “Colours – The Gallery”

    1. We really were. It was weird having only each other for company for that long and eating everything from our freezer!

  1. Snowed in for a week? Wow, what fun! Looks like it might be happening again soon if the forecasts have got it right!….

  2. Oooh I like that! Especially the clouds from the plane – I get a kick out of atmospheric sky photies. I know, I know – most people get a kick out of coffee or gin or something – but it takes all sorts!

    1. It was gorgeous when I looked out of the window. There’s something magical about being above clouds isn’t there?

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