11 thoughts on “Dearest 10 Month Old. Where The Heck Are Your Teeth!”

  1. It is hard not getting sleep, my oldest was the same. He is better but not great and he’s almost 5. He didn’t get his first tooth until he was 9 1/2 months old. You will find once one comes through a whole load will come through at once. Good luck x

  2. Our toddler was about two weeks shy of his first birthday before his first tooth came through. Now, about four weeks shy of his second birthday, he has 12 so still another 8 to go. My dentist said it was a good thing so don’t worry. He also said it was hereditary.

    And regarding the birthdays, we did separate family things and will probably continue that. The families are just too big to have everyone together.

  3. LOL can SO relate to this post. My 10 month old only has one if that is any comfort. Am also having a ‘ what to do with the in laws’ first birthday crisis!

  4. I had been planning The Boy’s first birthday party for four months before it happened. I had four parties: one for friends; one for my mum, dad & sister’s family; one for my brother’s family with sister’s family (my brother & parents don’t speak, long story); and one for hubby’s family. By the end of the weekend I was knackered and vowed never again. Last party I invited my family & his friends (bugger hubby’s family & my brother) and it was awful. Next year I shall go back to two parties (still sodding hubby’s family!).

    And the teething? Ha, good luck with that one!

  5. Haha, apparently it is genetic! Iyla didn’t get her first one till 9 months which was later than all of her baby friends, but since then they have been shooting out way too quickly! She has seven now, I guess that is the good thing about them getting them later. Actually hang on a minute, there is never anything good about teeth! They suck! x

  6. My sister didnt get any teeth till she turned 2… and no one batted an eyelid till gone 20 months.

    Evil Kenievel does sound aweome… if not a bit scary! these boy babies are far too adventerous!

  7. those first few teeth will probably all come through at same time then – ouch!! i don’t envy you that teething period!!
    i always thin about planning the birthday parties ages before they are here – good luck trying to decided what to do for the best. its a shame when families are like that isn’t it? x

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