The Fairy Hobmother

There I was doing my daily workout of blog reading and generally avoiding the house dust, when I came across the words “Fairy Hobmother” on a post by Mum 2 Baby Insomniac. (Check out her blog, its part of my daily “avoid the house dust” blog reads!)

Like a little kid, (I know, it doesn’t take much!), I was suddenly excited. You see, the Fairy Hobmother sprinkles her magic dust far and wide across the blogger community. If you’re lucky, she’ll drop by your inbox and leave a little present too!

All I did was leave a comment on a fellow bloggers Fairy Hobmothers post and, like magic, a present dropped into my inbox… Amazon vouchers!! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I Heart Amazon! so I cannot wait to spend them. I might actually do it straight after this!!

In my excitement I babbled to the OH that the Fairy Hobmother had come to visit and, in his tired confusion, thought the Tooth Fairy had finally bestowed our little boys first tooth! (It’s been a long week!)

Anyway, I digress. Where was I?

By day, the Fairy Hobmother works at Appliances Online. They sell all types of electrical appliances for the home, including cookers. They have an excellent range and and easy options to find one. Fancy a new hob or whole cooker? Or maybe you’re after a more energy saving washing machine? Check it out.

And fancy your very own visit from the Fairy Hobmother?
Just leave a comment below. The Fairies (there is more than 1!) read them and if you’re lucky then some pixie dust in the form of a gift might be coming your way. Go on, make a wish! Good luck!!

18 thoughts on “The Fairy Hobmother”

  1. Wow, that is so cool. This morning is the first I have heard of the Fairy Hobmother. I applaud the Fairy Hobmother for all the good she is doing and will check out her Appliances Online site as I could always use something new in the kitchen.

  2. I’ve always believed in Fairies but they never seem to visit me.
    Don’t spend the money on toys – I know how tempting it is but these vouchers are for you & there must be a book, dvd or cd that you NEED right now.

  3. Ooooh! I LOVE Amazon! My regularly tells me they’ll go out of business if I stop buying from them 🙂 What are you going to buy?

  4. How lovely, enjoy! We’re all still suffering from our horrid colds so a visit would certainly cheer up my house. I believe in fairies!

  5. Yippee I am glad that she/he came to you how exciting! She came to me the other day too but I haven’t spent my vouchers yet- saving them for something I really want! Enjoy lovely x

  6. I have heard amazing things about the Fairy Hobmother, I she were to grant me a wish I would wish for a food processor or a voucher towards one! xxx

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