Turning a Sleepy Corner

I’m not saying he will always do it. And I’m not saying we have cracked it. I’m just stating a couple of facts…without wanting to jinx anything. Just fact. And the fact is….

[whispers] *Baby Boy has slept through 5 nights out of 7. Yep. Most of last week!!*

I’m not sure exactly how it happened but I have a bit of a suspicion (again, just stating fact…) that it’s got something to do with his meals. You see, last weekend, he was so busy loving the attention from all cousins that he kept batting my hand away when I tried to give him his 4pm tea. After half an hour of wiping his batted food off my being I gave up and using my OHs stance I thought “he’ll eat when he’s hungry”.

5.30pm came and with still no hunger in sight I decided to bath him early and let him have a play. Then it happened. The bath worked and, spotting his bowl, he made a beeline for it and started babbling…result! Food wolfed down in no time. It was about 7pm by now though so getting very late and I was surprised he’d lasted so long. By the time he was put to bed it was 8.30pm.

Then something strange happened… I woke in a bit of a panic at 5am. Err, no baby crying? Baby checked…all fine and still sleeping. Sleeping. Err, he slept…through? After a bit of gentle poking (just to make sure he was ok / not knowing a good thing when i see one) it hit me that yes… The baby that had two regular night feeds had slept through. Instead of diving under the covers, I waited for him to wake up. He didn’t wake till 6.30am!

Most of last week has been like this. I still feed him at 4pm but now give him a snack a bit afterwards too and it seems to be the missing link in our sleep chain. So far.

So after 9 months I think the baby is (ok, might be) turning a sleepy corner. Now I need to turn that corner too instead of waking up twice a night because I’m paranoid I heard him!

16 thoughts on “Turning a Sleepy Corner”

  1. Oooh I really hope you gave cracked it! Burton went through at 9 months aswell so I live in hope that Jenson will follow suit. How lovely for you long may it last x

  2. HOORAY!! And long may it last! I hate to say it but Luka still doesn’t always sleep through so make the most of this and stop poking him!!!

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