Dearest 14 Month Old

Hello Baby,

So… You’ve learned how to RUN! You’ve not quite mastered walking yet but you’ve decided that this month you are just going to try to run to wherever you want to go. It’s like watching a tennis match, watching you dart from one end to the other.

This moth you’ve developed a bit of an obsession with your clothes too so if you get your hands on them then you’ll carry them around all day and mostly run around with them. It was very funny when your dad ironed his work shirt and hung it on the door knob, all pristine. Within 30 seconds you’d grabbed it, running after him. You were so quiet and nimble he didn’t realise you were stood behind him, with his shirt in your hands and under your feet.

You’ve also discovered the joys of spinning around on the spot. You keep doing it and laugh your head off. Then attempt to run and fall, usually sideways! I thought you might not do it again. But it’s been every day for about a week now. *Sigh*. I usually have to dive off the sofa to try to break your fall. You think it’s all a fun game though!

It must be the month of obsessions because you’ve fallen in love with the dustpan and brush. The minute the kitchen door is opened, your eyes widen with delight and you run in utter excitement to where the dustpan is. You’re quite happy with just getting your hands on either one and you’ll rush off to the living room. You then proceed to “brush” the rug which is very helpful, so thank you my little man. But you don’t half scream when I take it off you!!

Here you are, trying to escape with my bright pink dustpan.


So until next time baby…. Mwah!!

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