Dummy Dares

After about week of Baby Z having fever, a throat infection and what looks like major teething, I think we *may* have finally turned a fever-less corner today. What normally resembles a small but fierce hurricane working its way through our front room looks more like a strong gust of wind at the moment, with a lot of little naps in between the havoc, but he looks like he is getting there, slowly but surely. My fringe, meanwhile has been graced by a few more white hairs of worry over the last few days. Its quite nicely helping me to look more and more like a cross between Pepe le Pews girlfriend and a younger (and of course, prettier) version of Cruella.

All this teething has done no favours to getting rid of Baby Z’s dummy though. He has been refusing all teething rings and, instead, has been clutching his precious dummy to chomp on furiously whenever the need takes him. I was all set to start getting rid of it. It would ONLY be nap times and ONLY when he was in floods of tears. It lasted about a day before fever took over I melted in instant defeat to give him a guaranteed soother. I know he’s feeling better today because he doesn’t look like he’s going to tear it to shreds with just his hardened gums. He is currently sat on the sofa playing the game of the week; holding the dummy strap in his hand and swinging it around rapidly, kind of like a baby version of David from David and Goliath. You can see the fear in his eyes as well as the dare he gives himself to have another go. Then you see a massive self-congratulatory smile emerge once he’s stopped and realised he hasn’t whacked himself in the face.

Trying to take it off him just proves futile as I’m met with a full on dramatic swoon and a “How very dare yoooooou!!” style tantrum. So I opted for the advice given by a few which is “once he hurts himself he won’t do it again”. So far, we’re on the 5th time he’s hurt himself…

We will start again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Dummy Dares”

  1. Lol! They never seem to learn from hurting themselves, I was hoping falling off the sofa and nearly bashing her teeth out might have stopped Iyla from bouncing in the edge of the sofa but she was back up there 30 secs later! X

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