12 thoughts on “Mugs!”

  1. I absolutely love your Royal Doulton mug but it’s far too lovely a set to be hidden away – you should get it out more often 🙂

  2. I have a mug from the dollar store that says something along the lines of inheriting insanity from your kids. I completely agree. and a cat mug that my hubby bought me due to my love of cats. other than that we only have plain ones, which I use most often.

  3. I remember that batch of mugs from Ikea – they were very cheap and loads of people bought them as they look nice (and they were cheap) but you can’t pick up your hot drink. Shame on them. I actually like your two white ones – the lack of colour letrs you focus on the pleasing shape.

  4. We have those Ikea mugs in our church – you’re right about that tiny handle! Having said that, they are infinitely better than the typical Baptist “one mouthful” cups we had before!

  5. wow you have a lot of different mug types! i like your posh Royal Doulton one and your girl is hot chocolate one the best! mind you plain jane is fine as this is the one i tend to use most days myself for my cup of tea!

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