11 thoughts on “The Da Da!”

  1. Awww! So cute 🙂
    V says ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ for everything. Point to a lion and ask, ‘what’s this, vinay?’ He answers, ‘mama’. Great.

  2. Iyla only learnt that I was mummy last week! She has been saying daddy for months! Only problem now is she calls me everytime I’m out the room! He will do it! X

  3. S’s only words for months was ‘ball’ and ‘bubble’- at least that’s what it sounded like. The mama will return! X

  4. OH my goodness, this is exactly the same as us- Mads says dadadadadadada all the time but never a mama unless she is tired. If you say wheres dada she says it but if you ask where’s mama she just says dada!


  5. hee hee i wouldn’t take it personally its just that ‘dada’s easier to say than ‘mama’ and he sees you a lot more so i guess he doesn’t feel the need to get so excited! Burton didn’t say mama until he was about 2!! he called daddy ‘rara’ for ages around the age of 2 aswell!! xx

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