7 thoughts on “The Guilt – A Rant”

  1. Ahh there is just so much to feel guilty about, I stay at home but worry that I don’t play with Iyla enough. I can’t believe anyone would insinuate that it’s your fault he’s ill though! That’s utterly ridiculous! I hope all returns to normal soon and it’s not your fault, babies get ill! Iyla has had a tummy bug followed by conjunctivitis plus teething for the last few weeks! Nightmare x Love the new look blog by the way 🙂

  2. The guilt us mums put upon ourselves even worse when others make you feel guilty. Children get ill, fact. Can you prevent this, well yes if they live in a bubble. I believe that children need to get ill to help them fight bigger infections later on. Instead of people worrying about germs and bugs just think of the social interaction they are gaining by attending nursery.

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