This weeks theme in the Gallery is Colours.

I was going to go for Baby Z using crayons. This is his new favourite thing. I’ve yet to catch him doing it on the walls but I’m sure it’ll come in time.

Instead, whilst flicking through my photos, this suddenly caught my eye. I remember being really fascinated by them at the time as I’d never seen those colours before. They tasted just as sweet and were a not so common variety.

Behold… Yellow and red cherries!

What? They are fascinating!!


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20 thoughts on “Colours”

  1. Yellow cherries?? MADNESS! It’s like the world’s gone MENTAL! FREAKS OF NATURE!!

    I bet they taste nice though.

    Good photo! X

  2. As much as I love the flavour of cherries, red ones make my mouth itch. I wonder if yellow ones will too?

  3. Ooh I love cherries that picture really makes me think of summer! Never seen those before but I be they were yummy!

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