Dearest My Non Talker

 So! 15 months and no talking yet huh? 

Well, I mean, if you don’t count “Dada” or “DAAAAT!”.  (You do the second when you get really really excited) then there’s not much.  I wasn’t too bothered until the other day when you finally have your One Year check and the health visitor asked if you say anything.  When I proudly replied with your 2 word vocabulary he replied with a pause and then a simple “Oh”.  Eh?? What the hell did that mean?  As luck would have it, that very day you decided to say “Abba!” when I kept repeating “Open” and I realised I’d forgotten about “Liiiiiiiight”.  Which means you can say 4 words.  In his face!! (Obviously I am kidding.  Don’t repeat that).  You do point at everything and babble as if you are having a big long conversation with us.  You also shake your head a lot if you don’t want something and then point to what you do want so I know we kind of understand each other.  

Besides the blind flustered panicking over your non talking, what else have you been doing? 

We’ve been having more play dates with the cute little girl from down the road.  You do seem very scared of her though.  I think it’s because she has a very loud cry.  And she likes poking you in the eye a lot, which I am guessing hurts a bit.  One day recently you spent the entire hour sat behind me on the sofa and peeking out to check whether she was still there.  I had to keep assuring my friend you did like her and that you were just a bit shy.

It also seems you are going through multiple phases all at once.  One day you seemed to be going through extreme separation anxiety and spent the day attached to my hip.  I ended up doing most things one handed (do you know how hard it is to make a bottle of milk with one hand?).  And then the next day you were shouting at random children in the street and putting your arms up to them to be picked up.  Cheeky little monkey. 

You’ve discovered that if you headbutt me around my chest area it doesn’t hurt you (for obvious reasons).  You spent one entire evening doing it and chuckling your head off.  You then decided it would be a good idea to try it on your dad.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same amount of, errrm, cushioning, and I heard a loud and probably painful smack as your head made contact with his chest.  Your daddy had to rub your head better and thankfully you’ve left both our chests well alone since then.

Next month is the start of wedding season.  A lot of fun but it suddenly occurred to me that wearing a cream outfit may not be the best idea with your little speed demon feet and love of strawberries.  Hmmm…we’ll see.

So, until next time! Mmmwah!

20 thoughts on “Dearest My Non Talker”

  1. Awww bless him – head butting chests could be a new craze to catch on 🙂

    I have a friend with an almost 3 year old who hardly talks – as you know, they are all different. Why to HV’s really make you feel like poop?

  2. Sounds like my youngest, he didn’t say a word until he turned 14 months and then started talking pretty much in sentences, I kid you not. They all do things differently and your little guy is coming on leaps and bounds x

  3. It seems like he’s desperately trying to have a conversation with you. I wouldn’t be too worried. He’s definitely communicating. My son’s 17 months old and only has a few words but he can for sure make it known what he wants.

  4. HV’s make you feel great huh? I stay well clear nowadays, although my original one was fab, such a shame they don’t all have as much common sense! Lil miss didn’t talk a huge amount for quite some time & then suddenly one day just started talking in complete sentences. Toddlers love springing stuff like that on you. As for the headbutting chests, he’s clearly a quick learner so he’ll be fine!! :0) x

  5. My middle child is just a bit older than yours and doesn’t say that much more. Judging by the long bursts of babbling, you’d swear he knows what he’s saying though. Ignore the HV, he was probably just having a bad day. x

  6. I can’t believe your hv said that! They can be so unhelpful sometimes, all kids are different and boys seem to take longer than girls. Most of the boys we know who are months older than Iyla still don’t really say anything. Haha and cream anything is risky business with a toddler! Even my black clothes aren’t safe, they end up covered in snot! x

    1. I’ve gone to work with fingerprints all over my black top and only realised when I catch someone staring at it. Then I sit there trying to wipe it off during a meeting. *sigh*

  7. Ouch! The headbutting incident brings tears to my eyes – hope Z and Daddy were ok.

    As for talking well H is almost 20 months (!) and he still isn’t talking – he babbles incessantly and I’m sure he makes sense to himself but not to us!

    He is making different sounds for various objects, he will talk eventually and when they so we will be thinking “please give me a minutes peace!”

    1. haha, this week his main thing has been spinning around and babblin incessantly too. Some days he will simply shout “dadadaaaaaa!” repeatedly until he knackers himself out. H sounds really cute!

  8. He sounds like an absolute cutie. I’m clearly not an expert but I wouldn’t worry about the talking thing yet. They all develop at such different rates. F has been chatting quite a bit from an early age but is yet to walk (she’s nearly 21 months) so – as much as I hate the phrase – it’s “swings and roundabouts”. He is still very little. x

    1. I believe that hits the nail on the head….it sounds like a lot of toddlers dont say too many words at this age and apparently we should enjoy the peace whilst it lasts 😉

  9. Hehe this is funny- ooh yikes I didn’t think of wedding season and their smart little outfits. As they are so similar in age it sounds like they are pretty similar. I.e cheeky as anything! X

  10. W is 15 months too and we just have dada, for everyone, dadeeeeee for me when he is cross with me and gen for again. NOWT else. I wouldn’t worry. Am sure we will look back fondly at the days when we couldn’t understand what they were saying soon enough 😉

    1. Hehe, Baby Z shouts too. Usually when he is saying “daaddaaa!!” and I get the meaning wrong…”oh you want your cup? No? Bottle? No? Daddy? No? Oh fridge magnet!”

  11. I think Health Visitors are officially their to make mums feel like they are getting it wrong, that way the health visitor will feel powerful mwahahahaha.
    Anyway I digress, your little one sounds like he is doing perfectly for his age. Im sure you will be begging him to shut up in no time.

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