Mr X

Our neighbours are, mostly, fantastic. We have a street full of really supportive people and our next door neighbours are the absolute perfect neighbours. They take our bins in, buy Baby Z presents and always look over our house if we’re away. Most of the street is like that and my OH is forever chatting with someone or other every time I look out our front window.

All, that is, except for one neighbour. Mr X.

He lives opposite us and they’ve never got on. The atmosphere between them is a frosty one and, whilst they are civil, you can always see a flash of disdain as they pass each other.

Personally, I think they got off on the wrong foot with each other and simply can’t back down and make up. He’s actually very lovely to me and Baby Z and very charming everytime we meet. I don’t tend to tell the OH though. I’m sure he wouldn’t like it much.

I think it stems from the fact that he once caught Mr X pottering around our garden. I was a bit surprised when he started taking a leak but the OH, who had just finished the garden, got extremely annoyed and started banging on the conservatory window. Mr X ran off embarrassed.

I always chose to ignore that little episode which is why Mr X and I still get on. The OH, on the other hand, now always watches him with scorn in his eyes. If he so much as tries to venture near the garden, the OH will be at the window like a shot ready to shake his fist and pull his best threatening face. He will usually stand there with arms cross and chest puffed out, waiting till Mr X has well and truly gone.

I’m not sure if they ever will get on. It’s a shame because Mr X is lovely. Really good looking (did I mention that?) and the way he walks just oozes confidence. Its a shame because the OH and Mr X would actually make quite good friends given the chance.

I doubt we’ll ever be on friendly terms enough to buy each other presents but I do wait for the day where the OH passes Mr X and doesn’t glare and mutter…

“I hate that bloody cat”.

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16 thoughts on “Mr X”

  1. Lol I started I suspect an animal after the weeing in the garden! Great post. My OH hates all the cats on my road because they live in our garden, in fact I hate them too. Wish they would stay in the person who wanted thems garden! X

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!!
    Oh my god this is actually hilarious! You totally fooled me! I’ve gone bright red!
    So so so funny

  3. He did a wee in your garden?! Was he lost? Drunk? Anyway, I think I’d have glossed over it too. Would’ve had no idea how to broach that subject! #awkward

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