17 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 10”

  1. Oh you really can’t go wrong with shape sorters, The Boy loved them and we had about four different kinds. Most of them have gone away now, but we still have one out with more complicated shapes. It’s such a rewarding (and educational) toy for them.

    1. It’s his favourite toy at the moment and really
      Loves pushing the shapes through. If he can’t get it right he tries the next one!

  2. Love these basic learning toys. So simple yet so effective, it has certainly got your gorgeous boy concentrating

    1. He really loves it. It’s a space ship that’s “blasts off” when you get them all in. Very clever toy!

  3. Shape sorters are fab, although I have to hide ours sometimes because Iyla gets really stressed when she can’t get them in the hole! X

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