The Friendevous With The Washing Machine

Baby Z has been having a bit of a “Friendevous” these past few weeks. I thought it was a bit of a phase but now I fear he is becoming a bit attached to her. By her, I mean our washing machine. Each day, when we finally get home from work, as soon as I put him down, he will run as fast as he can to the far corner of the kitchen where our washing machine stands obediently. He greets her by yelling and babbling happily. Sometimes, when he’s really excited he even does a bit of a tap dance and a twirl if the mood takes him. He then proceeds to reach up and push the ON button and then does an extra little jig when the “ON tune” plays.

He will hover around her all day and constantly push the ON/OFF button to make sure she knows he is there. Even mid spin!! Suffice to say I am now constantly confused as to where I am up to with the laundry. Has it finished? Has it not? Was it on spin? Should I start again? Arrrghh! Mind you I have been guilty, on occasion, of letting him entertain his friend so that I have a quiet 5 minutes to do the dishes.

His other favourite thing is to constantly shut the washing machine doors as soon as they are open. The OH and I are currently being subjected to painful arm trapping as we attempt to load/unload whilst Baby Z simultaneously shuts the door. Hard. He’s also decided that the fridge magnets look much nicer on the washing machine and has tried to reach as high as he can and decorate her. On days when he can’t be bothered bashing her buttons he will simply smile when the spin comes on and imitate her with an emphatic “Bhoooooooooooo!”

My biggest fear is that one day I am going to come home to a fed up and broken washing machine who has finally had enough of her buttons being pounded. After a scare this week where the little fancy light display said “PF” (Eh? What does that mean?) I had to take drastic action. Baby Z and the washing machine are now banned from spending any time together. He isn’t taking the separation too well and is spending parts of the day trying to break into the kitchen. They are separated by a door handle at the moment. His inability to reach and turn it fully is the only thing keeping him from bashing her buttons and doing his little jig. Any time he does escape into the kitchen he will defiantly point to the washing machine and exclaim “TA!” which I think translates to mean “I need to do bash those buttons and do my bum wiggle dance”.

We are hoping we don’t have to unleash the “Washing machine guard dog”, the one thing he is afraid of…the Hoover. For now, we’re hoping this Friendevous passes by quickly!

11 thoughts on “The Friendevous With The Washing Machine”

  1. Hahahaha this is hilarious. I hope he doesn’t become one of those people who fall in love with random objects like the Statue of liberty and want to marry them! x

  2. This is probably the whole purpose of baby gates, yet baby z and his washing machine addiction is quite funny.

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