Dearest Baby at 16 Months!

Hello Little Man!

16 months?  That’s two months away from “18 months”!.  You know?  When I can say “He’s one and a half!”.  That’s like saying I am the mum of a little boy, not a baby!  I know I should be calling you a “Toddler” now and not “Baby Z” but that just makes you seem so grown up.  I’ve been thinking I might call you “Baby Z” for a few years yet.  Maybe till you start high school or something.

So what have you been doing?  Well, its been a busy month with wedding galore.  Your “uncle” in Leicester got married and we drove down without Daddy for 4 whole days.  I had it all planned out.  Packed absolutely everything I could think of and was so prepared I could have opened a baby shop from my car boot!  You were absolutely great.  For the first 3 hours I mean.  Then it came to bedtime ad you screamed the place down.  You wanted your own bed and your own daddy and nothing else would do.  No amount of rocking, singing or walking around with you would work.  After about two hours you decided to give in and go to sleep.  I was so frazzled that I vowed I would drive back home first thing the next morning.  I was half tempted to drive straight back that night but I was so knackered I fell asleep even with you sleeping almost glued to my side with your arms wrapped tightly around me to make sure I wouldn’t leave you.  I woke the next morning with aches in places I didn’t know could ache.  You woke up like a little chatty sweet angel, as if you were home again.  You then spent the next couple of hours having a glorious time in the kitchen of the person whose house we were staying at, slamming doors, running off with pots and pans and slamming even more doors.  I decided I would see how we went and we ended up having a great time at the wedding.  I’ve decided though.  We will never go to another wedding without Daddy.  Ever.

This month you’ve also learnt a new game.  Running through people’s legs.  You pretty much hurtle, full throttle, towards anyone that’s standing up and then try to run through their legs.  Now, for your tall Daddy, this isn’t a problem at all.  But at 5 foot nothing, this is a slight problem for me.  And when you do it in view of others, its slightly awkward trying to stop you.  You either just try harder or will demonstrate your dramatics and swoon backwards in a majestic tantrum.

You’ve also learnt a few words (hurrah hurrah!!).  You’ve started saying “Happy Birthday!” …which actually comes out “Aapeee Daaaay!” but you can spend about an hour just repeating it over and over which sounds very cute.  I sometimes try to trick you into repeating “Mumeeeeee” but you will stop abruptly as if you have busted me and stare for a couple of seconds before carrying with your “Aapeee Daaaay!” chanting.   You can also say “Three!”  (it comes out “EEEeeeee!”) if we say “One! Two!…”  This second one is really cute and we love being pushy parents and showing off these new party tricks.

If over the next month you’d like to say “mummeeee” then that would be lovely!  Not that I mind being called “Daadaa!” but, you know…just, if you want to! 😉

We took you to the zoo for the first time this month and you were so fascinated with the little monkeys.  You kept touching the glass to touch them and you couldn’t take your eyes off them.  You weren’t too bothered about the other animals but your Daddy had us running around the entire zoo so we wouldn’t miss any of the feeding times.  Between the both of you I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pair of excited boys.  We came home completely shattered but it was a lovely day out.

You’re still fairly scared of the robot hoover but we can see you’re trying to psyche yourself up to go near it.  Recently you even go right up to it and try to touch it.  Once though you managed to switch it on by accident and as soon as it started moving you promptly ran away screaming.  That was really funny! 

Oh, and one last thing…today I booked tickets for In the Night Garden live!  I know.  It’s just SOOO exciting isn’t it?  It’s not till August so you’ll be a bit older by then and not freak out hopefully enjoy it properly.  We’re even seeing Iggle Piggle afterwards!!

So, until next time baby! Mmmwah!!

8 thoughts on “Dearest Baby at 16 Months!”

  1. Such a lovely post, it’s great to do this every now and then because before you know it they’re doing new stuff and you’ve forgotten what they were like a couple of months previously! Z will LOVE In The Night Garden Live, we went last year when JW was 15 months and it was fantastic x

    1. Oooh I’m so glad you said that. I was wondering whether Z would actually sit through it, it’ll be the first time we’re taking him to a show of any type!

  2. I have just done my 16 month one too- its lovely to read what your little man is like in comparison to my little lady! x

    1. I’ve just read yours too, she is such a lovely little girl and so sweet but at the same time she knows her own mind. I think Z is more like a gust of wind, blink and he’s off again!

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