I’m Late! I’m Late!

In the words of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, “I’m late, I’m late! I’m late I’m late I’m late!”.

I meant to write this post weeks ago. Telling you about the greatness that is my blog. Well, my “ok-ness” then! It’s MADs time you see. Blog awards! This time last year I’d just discovered the blog world and the massive online parent community. The blogs kept me both awake and sane through the 4 times a night feeds that Baby Z demanded. I think they kept me falling off the cusp of sanity. Even though I looked like a wrecked zombie. But that’s by the by. A couple of months later I decided to start my own blog. It started as a way to just record what was going on with Baby Z, how he was growing and the new tricks he was learning on a daily basis. It stopped me moaning constantly about lack of sleep and give me something to focus my mushed brain on.

Almost a year later my little blog is a bit of an addiction and a secret hobby that not many real life people know about. All about Baby Z, me and everything else that pops into my brain!

So if you like what you read then you can nominate me for a MAD blogger award. Right Here!

I think the Best New Blog category probably fits me best but I’m not fussy. Go nuts in any category you like 😉

And the bit about being late? Nominations ends this Friday!! Arrrgh, I’m late, I’m late….!!

Thank you. I’d like to thank….

7 thoughts on “I’m Late! I’m Late!”

  1. I haven’t done my ‘thanks for nominating me, by the way here’s the vote button’ post yet. But, I am nominating you as best new blog because I love it. Also I nagged you to start it so I take credit.

    1. Ahhhh I remember that very well!! 🙂 Thank you for pushing me to do it. One of the best things I’ve ever written. (God this sounds like an acceptance speech doesn’t it?)

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