7 thoughts on “Gooooaaal!”

  1. Ahhh, you have my unending sympathy for going 18 months with a bad sleeper. I genuinely don’t know how you can function and I’m dreading that baby number 2 will be a bad sleeper as put little man has always been so good.
    But then, you do sometimes get the cutest and funniest little stories in the middle of the night. I know that on the occasions that we’re up in the night, that we get great cuddles and adorable sleepy smiles. This little story is a great example. I’m pretty sure my husband would die of pride if my little guy said “Gooooal” whether it was night or day! X

  2. Hehe, this is a cute story. I can empathise with the bad sleeping situation. Arlo didn’t grasp the concept of sleep until very recently. Before 19 months old, I could count the number of times he had slept through on two hands.

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