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  1. It is hard to get some children into good habits. My oldest boy was never a problem but the youngest…well..when he was about 18months he would only go to sleep if we were still in the room. Then the slightest sound and he’d scream the house down..
    I was exhausted and OH was at the end of his tether too. We spoke to the Health Visitor who was less than useless. It wasn’t until I found myself at the top of the stairs with L in my arms ready to throw him that I realised I needed help. OH was already on his way up and got him to sleep.
    Next day saw us at the doctors and he was brilliant. We tried the controlled crying method and put up a gate.. Two nights later he just went to bed and slept.. no more issues. We were so lucky..(and so was he.!)

    1. Wow – Glad they could help you. Its so hard to know where to turn to for help isn’t it? Especially when a lot of the time the stock answer is “some babies are just like that”. So so exhausting but he is getting better now thank god although we still have a way to go!

  2. I can it believe I missed this, I guess it’s because I was away at Britmumslive! Sorry!
    Do you know what, sometimes I wish I had co slept with my two when they were newborns because I also had bugger all sleep, like 2 hours tops and it I did ever doze off with them on me I would wake up scared witless that they could have rolled off me! I too was told how dangerous it was so I avoided it. And that you struggle t get them back not their own bed,well cot!
    Anyway, I would be very interested to know how you are finding the book. I hope it works for you as you need the sleep xx

    1. We are getting there slowly. There is a part of me thats starting to wonder about controlled crying though.

  3. I think you have to do what works for you and your children. We had to do controlled crying in the end and it worked for us but i kniw its not everyones cup of tea.
    I love the description of half tree half octopus.
    Hope you find something which works!

    1. I do wonder if I’ll have to do that too. I seem to be ticking off other things (that aren’t really working!)

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