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  1. I went back to work full time when daughter was 4 months old. It takes a lot of organisation lol but we too have always one breakfast. Always. It’s our time.

  2. Great photo and words which sum up the everyday perfectly .I was going to include one of Jenson enjoying his morning brioche!! X

  3. Cute pic. Lovely post. Doesn’t it feel like such a blessing to sit and eat with them. See them play wiht the textures and enjoy the flavours? :0)

  4. Such a great photo to represent the ‘everyday’ that is certainly something that we do everyday and I do love our ten minutes sat at the table chatting and eating in the morning!

  5. That looks like a yummy breakfast! It’s hard juggling work and time with the kids isn’t it? But it makes your time with them that bit more special!

  6. That does look like a delicious breakfast! We only get to have breakfast together a few days a week (the children have theirs at the childminder four days a week) but I do love that time together.

  7. That is lovely, the everyday is not about the work and the grind but the quality moments and you captured one and you get that everyday! Lovely. x

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