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Over the last couple of months Baby Z has decided that he would like to join in a lot more with the adult world and, therefore, wants to do everything by himself.  It started with a refusal to be spoon fed. One day he just decided that HE wanted to hold the spoon, HE wanted to use a fork for yoghurt and HE wanted to chuck food down his top just for the fun of it (and presumably as a light snack for later).  It meant that feeding time stress levels suddenly started fluctuating erratically depending on what he was eating.  (Veg = Low.  Yoghurt = High etc.)

Then came the sitting at the table. The very strong preference is to now sit with us at the dining table on his own dining chair rather than in his own high chair.  Attempts to put him in the highchair are usually met with dramatic swoons and high pitched ear piercing screaming.     

And now it’s drinking out of a glass.  Beakers and any glass with a lid on it is so yesterday.  Now it’s a glass (plastic or otherwise) or nothing.  This is all well and good but Baby Z hasn’t yet mastered the art of taking a sip.  So any attempts to meet his mouth and drink just enough are somewhat pot luck.  He will either take a gulp small enough for his mouth or, slightly reminiscent of the guy in the Airplane movie, decide to take a massive swig, miss his mouth completely and bathe his face and clothes in the entire thing.   After a few big splash incidents we have now adopted the “shot” approach.

Baby Z is now given a tiny “shot” amount in a glass which he now gulps down in one mouthful.  Then holds it out as if to say “hit me”.  I, as the bartender of water, oblige and refill the glass. This can go on for ages until he either gets bored and runs off or decides to try to bathe himself in the small amount.  Once or twice I’ve caught him naughtily trying to pour his own drink so now all drinks have to moved around chess style on the dining table whenever we eat. 

It seems that as a consequence of his early attempts at joining the adult world he could probably go to a dinner party quiet soon once he’s mastered his eating and drinking habits and we’ll move onto the next big thing.  I am hoping that may be him toddling off to bed of his own accord every evening.   It could happen.

5 thoughts on “The Adult World”

  1. It is funny how they observe so much isn’t it? I smiled when I read the part about him trying to drink out of a glass! Be great if e took himself off to bed wouldn’t it and slept in too for you haha x

  2. It could happen, but it won’t. Also, send him off to a dinner party but get the other guests blotto first; their table manners will undoubtedly be deplorable and therefore he will look in complete contol in contrast.

  3. Iyla keeps insisting on drinking out of a proper cup now too! She is getting better but sometimes will overfill her mouth and then decide not to swallow it, resulting in it shooting back out and drenching everything! And that’s just water, there is now way I am going to let her do it with stinky milk! x

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