We have entered the age of toddler defiance in the Baby Z household. Z is leaving us a bit stumped over the last few weeks. His character is developing so quickly, if you listen carefully you can hear our jaws hitting the floor approximately every 30 minutes from the a rainy corner of the North West UK.

Baby Z has recently discovered his gag reflex. A big smile spreads across his face every time he successfully makes himself gag by sticking his finger down his throat. Saying “no!” is futile although we were in danger of turning into good cop bad cop; OH being the bad firm parent and me being the childish one snorting at his latest trick.

His other new tricks consist of spinning on the spot till he falls over or, this weeks new party trick, walking around with his eyes closed. I kid you not!

The good cop, bad cop thing didn’t last very long after we sussed he was using a conquer and divide tactic to get us to laugh. Now we are bad cop bad cop. Both with firm faces, firm no’s, no glimmer or a smile or, in most cases, pretending he’s not actually doing anything. Does it work? Not really. Toddler defiance is a strong force. Stronger than I thought!

The face to face “no” is the the one I find hardest. Crouching down to his level with a firm shake of the head our “who’ll blink first” contest begins. I can see Baby Z using his charm straight away to make me laugh. Did you know toddlers are psychic? Baby Z can sense when I’m going to crack a smile, and I can already see the glint of joyous victory in his eyes.

And before I’ve even uttered the words, he raises his hand, shakes his head, wags his index finger and exclaims “No!!”… Then laughs with all his being.

It takes all my being not to join him!

12 thoughts on “Defiance”

  1. Ha ha! This is pretty much exactly what is going on in our house. We had had the spinning around until dizzy. We have had walking around with eyes shut AND doing it backwards. No gagging yet, but lots of very wet raspberry blowing in people’ s faces. I am the bad cop in this house πŸ™

  2. All of mine have done the ‘oh looks what happens when I stick my finger in my throat!’ thing. I think we have largely ignored it. They move onto some other new discovery soon!

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