The Other half absolutely loves novelty singing and dancing toys. I’ve had to stop him many a time buying a dancing or singing chicken every time we visit a place like Blackpool. He usually palms them off to his nieces and nephews but has an overwhelming urge to purchase them. They drive me crackers. I don’t particular enjoy the obligatory side to side rocking motion and the big beady eyes they all tend to have.

So when he came home with a Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo toy not so long ago I was a bit dubious. And, it seems, so was Baby Z…


He circled it cautiously for a while and the Other Half did his best to demonstrate that Elmo is a much loved little guy that’s loved by millions through the world (both myself and OH we’re huge Sesame street fans as kids!).

It didn’t take long. This particular Elmo comes with a set of drums, tambourine, a toy microphone and his own little rock star tshirt and will sing and dance for you every time it’s foot is pressed. I was pleasantly surprised to find it doesn’t do anything cheesy. Baby Z has quickly turned him into his favourite toy and will regularly try to carry him across the room.

Elmo will recite or sing phrases or songs and nothing is too scary or too loud for a 20 month toddler. (And none of them is too annoying for an adult either!). Elmo is actually very polite and even says thank you which I love. Its also proven to be quite robust which is perfect considering Baby Z wants to carry it around everywhere now.


What I’ve loved most about it is that it’s introduced Baby Z to Sesame street. We’ve found a lot of Elmo videos that he absolutely loves and between the toy and videos he’s now discovered “singing”.

It retails at around £30 and takes 6 AA batteries.

You / Your Toddler Will Love This If…
They love interactive toys and / or singing toys
They love teddy type toys (although beware its not a cuddly version, although looks utterly cute!)
You / Your toddler loves Elmo or Sesame street

This has been submitted to the Toys R Us Toylogist campaign.


2 thoughts on “Elmo”

  1. my little fella has a ‘Tickle me’ Elmo, he absolutely loves it and goes crazy giggling away when Elmo starts shaking. This Elmo looks cool, I might get it to be Tickle Me’s brother!

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