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This week the theme in the Gallery is Movies.

Have you ever wonder what Indiana Jones did between his massive break between the last crusade and the crystal skull adventures? I found out by chance on holiday a couple of years ago.

He took a long break and decided he wanted to stay in Petra and do this…

We happened to see it by chance on entering Petra, on our to the valley of Moses and the Treasury. I didn’t actually get to meet Indiana Jones unfortunately, I assume he was on his lunch break or something. I thought he may have cashed in on his fame a but more but, alas, there was only the one gift shop of its kind.

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  1. I love your Petra photos I’ve seen on FB, it’s the one place that I really want to go to (aside from Egypt); such history and wonder. Do you ever watch the film and think, ‘I know which bit of Petra that is!’?

    Popping over from The Gallery

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