I know this is just SO childish but it made me laugh so much that I had to blog it. Even my OH rolled his eyes asking if I was going to put it on the blog…but why not? Its supposed to record key Baby Z moments isn’t it? And I think this is a key Baby Z moment…sort of.

So Baby Z has started calling me “Mom!”. Not “Mummy!”, and not even “mum”. It sounds very American and so beyond his years. I think its because we are forever shouting “Mummmmmm!” at our own mums. In fact, this week, he is calling the OH, my mum and my dad “Mom!”…usually followed by “outside!!”. If he wants something he will just rapidly keep repeating the word until you give in and take him or give him what he wants.

A couple of days ago he pottered on over and was obviously excited about something. He pointed towards the kitchen and started rapidly repeating “MOM! Piss!!! MOM! Piss!!! MOM! Piss!!!”


Eh?? Oh my god…why is he saying Piss? No-one ever uses that word, where has he learnt it from….this is terrible..but umm..also very funny….but can’t laugh, no. That would be wrong. Maybe I misheard…

“What did you want baby?”

“Piss!!! Mom! Piss!! Mom!! Piss!”

Oh god, he really is saying Piss…I wonder if its the OH…but I’ve never heard him say that. Oh this is bad…

Interrupting my thoughts (and inner turmoil on whether I should allow myself to laugh!!) he took my hand and led me to the kitchen and started pointing to the worktop….at a dettol spray bottle?

“Huh? You want this?”

I switched it off and tentatively handed it to him wondering what he wanted with it…

Looking very happy he started pretending to spray things happily imitating the sound…. “PISSST, PISSST, PISSST”

OHHHHHH Pissst!! ..oh thank god…hahahahahahaha! Oh, better take that bottle off him

“Baby Z, do you want a biscuit?”

And with that I immediately relayed the whole story to the OH over text splitting my sides laughing. He replied with…

“Are you 5?”

Pfft…Made me laugh!

Wot So Funee?

18 thoughts on “PISS”

  1. Hehe. Just today Mads pointed to Mr E and said something which sounded suspiciously like arse. In fact we didn’t realise she was pointing behind him outside the window and saying house. But it sounded like arse! x

  2. I’d have laughed at that too. The worst I had was Miss C not being able to say Gruffalo properly. Needless to say I tried to discourage her from asking to read the fuckalo but it was very funny at the same time.

    1. Hehe now that would have been funny 🙂 I love your linky. I might encourage z further just so I have stuff to link!

  3. My daughter threatened my cat the other day (in front of my friend who was visiting) … She said
    “Come here or I’ll bash you in the bollocks!”…
    Totally my husbands fault.

    She keeps saying “git” too… That’s one my own mother taught her!!!

  4. Ha ha very funny!! Sometimes Burton says a word and I have to ask him to say again to double check what h e said.

  5. Haha brilliant! Won’t be long and you’ll be posting those gems like I’ve been getting from MC lately. MC still pronounces ‘funny’ like ‘fanny’…so when she says “You’re funny” it cracks me up. No pun intended 😉

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