62 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 33 / Silent Sunday”

    1. Hubby bought another screen for a fiver – its kind of fixed, although the bottom bit isn’t working still….eeek!

    1. Hubby tried himself at the weekend but think it needs a digitizer something or other…so going to have another bash this week.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was completely in denial for a bit and kept trying to convince myself it was the plastic cover that had gone (even though I have no plastic cover on it!!)

  1. I SO relate to this. Dropped mine in the loo 2 days ago ! Luckily I never bothered to upgrade my phone so can upgrade now without having to fork out for a new phone. Also luckily a night in the airing cupboard brought it back to life enough to back it up on the computer before the screen died totally. You may find you can still back yours up even if you can’t see anything?!?

    1. Hubby has replaced the screen but its not completely right yet. As soon as he fixes it I need to do a big back up!

    1. I had insurance for 14 years and then cancelled it 2 months ago because I never claimed! I couldn’t believe it 🙁

  2. This is why I can’t understand why they don’t put gorilla glass in iPhones, iPads and iPods. They cost enough money, surely they deserve unbreakable glass?

    Thanks for linking up

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