The theme in the Gallery this week is Sky

We live quite close to the Lake District and like to have a day out there every so often just to relax. Its our most recent rediscovery, a place we can all go as a family and all have a good time. Baby Z loves it as he just sees open space where he can run like theres no tomorrow. With the way it rains so much in the North west though it’s sometimes hard to catch very picturesque photos capturing the essence of it all.

On our most recent trips the sun shone and it was very pleasant. I tried to spend a bit of time trying to take a photo of a boat on the lake and kept realising the horizon looked wonky

Eventually I manage this…


And thought ahh yes, straight water.

It was only later I saw how nice the sky looked, with is bold contrast of blue and white. No sign of rain in sight. Picturesque, like I wanted.

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13 thoughts on “Sky”

  1. I dont think I realised you lived near the Lake District what an amazing place to be near!! I have never been……yet! The sky looks so blue dues to th blue of the lake I guess. I smiled at your comment about the water 🙂 xx

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