The theme in the Gallery this week is 8pm

I was huddled around the fireplace tonight at 8pm. The dishes needed doing. Little Zs bag needed packing. Eastenders needed watching on delay. But I couldn’t be bothered. I just wanted to lay in front of the fire after a long day at work.

Winter is coming (a la Game of Thrones).

I’m not much of a winter person. I don’t like dark mornings or dark evenings… or the cold! I’m completely in love with warm weather and sun and sunny blue skies. Alas… we have been in dark dreary weather for seems like the entire year. And coupled with the never ending, ark worthy rain, the only thing that makes it all better is to curl up in front of the fire and turn our house into a cosey warm bubble filled with long lie ins and Little Z sleeping through.


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11 thoughts on “8pm”

  1. Ooh, looks so cosy! We moved into a house with open fire places last year, but didn’t make use of them due to baby being so small- will definitely change that this year! It’s so cold already 🙁

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