The theme in the Gallery this week is Beauty.

Since having Little Z my entire perspective on life has changed. I guess this is a natural passage into parenthood isn’t it? The way you are no longer the centre of the universe, your child is. The way things matter more now, or less now than they did before my little boy came along. Or the way we plan our outings, with much more planning and much less spontaneity.

One big thing that I realised recently, since Little Z has learnt to express himself through words of one or two syllables, is how I’ve rediscovered things through his eyes. He is discovering his likes and dislikes and nice things or pretty things are “nice!” whereas things he doesn’t are simply graced with a vigorous shake of the head.

His perspective on nice, beauty and interesting are so lovely to see. It can range from a little daisy to an adult sized football to his latest pair of trainers (which I’m pretty sure he gets from his dad!).

On our most recent trip to the Lakes there was a rare moment of silence where he admired the massive and very beautiful lake.


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