Being Domesticated

I’ve never been very domesticated. I’m probably quite a messy person if I’m honest. I’m quite happy to leave the empty pizza box on the kitchen counter overnight and maybe even half of the day after. Even in my 30s I still regularly hold up clothing in front of OH and ask whether I can wash them together.

Somehow, I still never manage to sit down before 9pm most days. How on earth do people with more than one child manage to keep a house clean? You have a cleaner right? A secret cleaner? Do I just take ages? Or not know how to clean efficiently? How do people do it?

In complete contrast the OH is a complete domestic machine. He is the Robocop of cleaning, complete with white inspection gloves on. We have many many cleaning devices at home and further “innovative” gadgets get added to our collection every so often. Like our robot Hoover, for instance. If I lose him in the supermarket I could bet my house I’ll find him in the cleaning aisle gazing at the latest air fresheners on the market. They usually all end up in our house. We should have a stake in Glade.

(I should add here that the OH has taken more of a consultant role in the cleaning discipline in recent years.)

Little Z seems to have taken after his Daddy. Hold a spray bottle up in front of him and all toys get dropped as he becomes mesmerised by it. He will then happily clean the table or floor with anything that comes to hand.

He also loves helping me sweep up and will nab the dustpan and brush straight after I’m done and then go over what I’ve done. I have visions of Little Z becoming a complete lover of cleaning and how…maybe one day…. I will never have to do it again.

There are, however, that Little Z seems to be inventing as new methods of cleaning.

Like when he spilled his glass of water (from his non spill cup!!) onto the iPad and then gave the screen a good clean.

Or like how he ejected the CD from the Playstation 3, examined it closely and then started to clean it by licking it.

Or like how he tried to clean the water that had gathered on top of the recycle tub with his bare hands, soaking himself in the process.

Or how he tried to add colour to the white toilet seat using just my concealer stick.

Still, one day, maybe soon, I will be promoted to cleaning consultant too and no longer have to clean.

12 thoughts on “Being Domesticated”

  1. Mine is a cleaning machine too. i hate to give you the bad news. once they hit around three or four and realize it’s more fun to make the mess than clean it, you’re screwed lol

  2. Wow I wish Dad2BabyInsomniac was obsessed with cleaning! I am messy too, plus keeping a house clean is near impossible so we always have mess somewhere. Even when I do get it all spotless it only lasts for about ten minutes! What I would do for a cleaner x

    1. Oh me too…. I would feel guilty and want to join in the cleaning though, which kind of defeats the object then doesn’t it?

  3. I do my cleaning at night or the weekend, it’s too much hassle during the day. At the weekend, husband watches the kids while I do my jobs, then we swap when he does his. Works best for us!

    1. I think I need to do something like that, at the moment I try to finish it all before it’s evening so that I can sit down for a bit!

  4. I hate cleaning, but love a clean and tidy house. Our house isn’t that clean, but generally tidy (apart from H’s room). Often feel there are things about being domesticated that I still have to learn.

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