Dearest 21 Month Old

Hello Baby!

I know I should be calling you a Toddler now and I will. Eventually! I forever seem to be in a permanent state of mother denial about how fast you’re growing up.

So, what have you been up to? I’m pretty sure you’re going through a growth spurt. You seem to have got taller suddenly. I’m not sure how you manage to do with eating so little but you don’t care. You’re in your own little playful bubble running around playing and climbing things all day long.

You absolutely adore singing and want everyone to join in. You’ll instantly point out anyone that’s not participating and stare them into submission. That’s some power! It was very funny watching you point at one of your uncles because of point blank refused to do wheels on the bus. You just used your pointing power and patiently stared with steely determination until he meekly started mumbling the words and doing the “swish swish” motion of “the wipers on the bus”.

You have discovered how to stand on the very top of the sofa and reach the light switch. I think my heart has decided to just live in my mouth now and my improved super reflexes would probably qualify me to join the Avengers. You try to walk across the top when you’re feeling particularly brave whilst cheekily laughing at the same time. I think we’re going to have to invest in a massive indoor climbing wall of some sort just to keep you away from scaling the walls.

We’re on our way to the MAD awards today and stuck in a lot of traffic so it’s a good time for me to write this. Your Daddy and I love London and used to go down every other month before you were born and usually spend our time going shopping, eating out and going to the theatre. This is the first time we’re going after you’ve arrived and it feels very very different. I’m not sure where we’re going to find a massive field where you can just run around!

6 thoughts on “Dearest 21 Month Old”

  1. Hotels have good corridors for a running obsessed toddler – sorry baby! Hee hee
    I think it’s in boys natures from very early in to be I I anything and everything which involves some kind of dare devil moves! He sounds perfectly normal!., xx

  2. I can’t believe he’s this old already. I’m also gutted that I didn’t get to meet him at the MADs, maybe you could bring him down for Britmums next year?

    I love reading your updates because it reminds me of The Boy.

    Popping over from Britmums Best Post Of The Week

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