I Want….

I’ve been tagged by the lovely TheBoyAndMe and Jenny from MummyMishaps to come up with a list of what I want. I like things like this. For a fleeting second I thought this might be a hard list to come up with but its really really not. so here goes….


To finally decide which bloomin’ hotel we are staying in on holiday and just book the damn thing

Someone to sort out Little Z’s passport for me

A cleaner that will do all my laundry and put all the clothes away so that our spare room doesn’t look like its been burgled

To enjoy the MADs next week and not be as nervous as hell

That really nice Ted Baker coat that, at the moment, I keep stroking

Want to be able to somehow juggle a career and children with complete ease and without looking haggard

Someone to clean Little Z’s milk soaked carseat for me

To be witty and to know EXACTLY what I want to say at EXACTLY the right time. And not the day after!

My best friends to live a LOT closer to me so that we can all meet up at weekends, talk about nothing for 4 hours straight and eat too much takeaway. Then roll home about 2am and sleep the next day till about 11am

To sleep properly

My next child to sleep straight through from day 1

To stop being sensible with my mortgage and just have someone else pay it instead. Obviously I would go on holiday with that money.

To own a lucrative chain of takeaways, cafes and restaurants

To go the Oscars. Just once. What?

To win an Oscar for something. What?

To get my tyre fixed today. I didn’t realise its had a nail in it for about a month. Oops

Little Z to grow up to be a wonderful happy blessed adult.

To go on holidays twice a year and someone to just sort it all out for me

Actually, I think that means I want a PA!

To go to New York. And San Francisco. And Hawaii. And Naples. And Las Vegas. And Disney World

To travel First class to all of the above.

To have a second baby. Eventually. Not just yet.

To win Gold in the next Olympics. Possibly 400 metres running. Or something

To be more patient

To have my family and friends forever and ever.

The large Mulberry bag. Niiiiiiiiice.

Can I have the Bulgari one too?

That’s what I want. What I really really Want! (Today)…

SOOOOO….I now tag


3 thoughts on “I Want….”

  1. Thanks for the tag! I would have lots of these on my list too, I so want a cleaner and I so want my next baby to sleep through from the start! X

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