A long MAD weekend

So it finally arrived, the MAD blog awards. For months I was very up and down about whether I actually even wanted to go and went through many days of chewing the poor other half’s ear off about it. After many weeks of deliberating this important decision, it was decided. We would make a long weekend of it together and take Little Z to London for the first time. Genius!

The whole weekend has been a whirlwind of an experience. We were fortunate enough to be given a Skoda CitiGo for the weekend and when a very vibrant lime green one arrived on our drive the Other half’s reaction of “I’m not driving that!!” was met with “I will beat you into submission with just one of my wifely scowls”. After “testing” it around the block for a bit he came back looking like a boy that had just been given a new toy.

“Wow, it drives really well you know!”. He then proceeded to turn into Jeremy Clarkson for the entire weekend telling me which “features” I should point out in my review. I have to admit, for what looked like a diddy car, it was packed with some very nice features I wasn’t expecting including sporty heated seats, inbuilt sat nav, stop start motion, and a petrol gauge that seemed to never ever move (that’s my non car speak for “it’s very economical with petrol).

So onwards to London and to the MADs. It was an amazing evening with a lot of pre event pampering thrown in. I had both my hair and makeup done for me. My diva demands of “umm, can you just make it look nice?” were met quite perfectly. I then sashayed into the foyer of the Radission in my purple gown and desperately tried to find people I knew. I did very briefly have a “sheeeeet I’m overdressed!” moment but I didn’t have to worry. It was glamour galore! Gorgeous women, gorgeous outfits, gorgeous food, brilliant well deserved wins and some very moving acceptance speeches.

I didn’t win in my category, it was won by a very worthy winner Mamasaurus, but it didn’t matter one bit. I am still honoured to have made it to the final 5 in my category and in the eloquent words of my friends and family “you’re still a winner to us!”, and “waaaaah!”. My table was equally supportive and I met some lovely new people including BizzyMums, Kerris from RainyDayMums, the very lovely Fiona from Coombe Mill, and Liz from Parent Dish.

The evening then started to descend into randomness. So here are the rest of my (random) highlights…

Meeting Helen from the Crazy Kitchen, Clara from I want my mummy and Kate from the Five Fs. Names I’ve wanted to put a face to for a while.

Wooping for all the nominees and winners, particularly Mammywoo, NorthernMum, Sahmloving it, Mummy Daddy Me Makes three, The Boy and Me, Multiple Mummy, the Five Fs, Actually Mummy, Science Sparkes and many more (I think this is why my throat hurt the next day).

Seeing Mr Multiple Mummy and Emma accept their joint award.

Being pleasantly surprised at how lovely and down to earth Mylene Klass is.

Watching the twitter stream live on the big screens and realising #MadBlogAwards was trending world wide.

Meeting some amazing bloggers I’d not previously heard of.

Running back upstairs to tell the lovely Other Half and Little Z about it all. The Other Half listened very lovingly. Little Z just snored through my account.

Listening to stories of what little Z had been up to during the afternoon and evening (playing with hotel staff, running round the revolving doors, running behind the check in desks, generally just running. A lot!)

Jumping into my king sized bed and staying there till about 10.30am the next morning.


Thank you to Sally and her team and ParentDish for an amazing time

14 thoughts on “A long MAD weekend”

  1. Awww sounds amazing Tas and your dress is so beautiful and you looked stunning. As you say being a finalist is an honour in itself xx

  2. It was lovely meeting you too, didn’t we have a lovely table of bloggers, everyone made me feel so comfortable.

  3. It was really lovely to finally meet you, you looked gorgeous! I tried to find you again after we had eaten because I really wanted to chat more but it was so hard to get around the room. Hope you had a great night x

  4. You looked lovely! And congrats on being a finalist, it must have been so fun! I will hopefully get to meet you at some point next year! x

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