Dearest 22 Month Old


22 months old! That’s 2 months off being 2 YEARS OLD. Wow. This whole year has completely flown by hasn’t it? Its almost party time again. Although I’m not sure whether to have two big parties again. I’d rather just run away on a big holiday. Just the 3 of us. That would be lovely wouldn’t it? Cake is nice too though.

Hmmm we shall see!

So what have you been doing this month?

It feels like someone’s flicked a switch on your speech for a start. For ages you haven’t been too fussed with talking very much and, if you could get away with it, you’d point to whatever you wanted and shout “Aah!”. I knew you could talk because you’d treat us to it every so often so I wasn’t too worried. All of a sudden you’ve gone from pointing and using single words to just nattering all day long. I don’t understand a lot of your made up words still, but you gesture with enthusiasm and do a big belly laugh once you’ve finished. Then repeat the whole thing all over again. Just yesterday you told me how Grandad sneezes, how your cousin A was crying and how the humidifier was naughty (although you cant say humidifier just yet!). This can go on till we put you to bed! The cutest is when we ask you to do something and you shout “Okaaaai!”. Neither of us are sure where you’re getting your accent from!

Your new party trick is to count to 10 but not on demand. Never on demand. Your Daddy learnt this the hard way when he asked you to perform one day when friends came around. You could see the polite yet evident boredom on our friends faces whilst Daddy attempted to get you to say them for the 6th time. I’m sure you know more than you let on!

I’ve seen you becoming more confident this month too. I’ve always known you’re naturally very kind. You like to share everything you’re eating, even if we don’t want it, and will make sure to watch us whilst we chew and swallow. Those cheesy crisps you love are really gross by the way! But I’ve always been secretly worried that your kind nature and shyness around new toddlers means you might get picked on in the school yard. So I was really relieved to see you standing up for yourself at baby group. Obviously not in a toddler street fight kind of way but you didn’t run off instantly scared of someone which is promising! We just need to keep working on that. And I think I need to stop myself from instantly coming to you. Umm, I’ll work on it.

My God, Little Z, the tantrums!! This month it’s like a tantrum an hour. Sometime maybe two. Including a gut wrenching “Noooo!” thats worthy of war time movies. You don’t like taking your clothes off OR putting them back on. There are now constant shouts of “Nooooo Doooont! Paaaaants! Miiiine!”. Our neighbours must think we’re all bonkers. I usually ignore the tantrums and my attempts at toddler discipline are getting slightly better but I never in a million years realised just how clever toddlers can be.

I remember this time last year actually dreading your first birthday. It felt as if I was losing my baby and I didn’t want that phase to ever finish. But you know what? The toddler phase is SO much fun. I have no idea where you get your personality from but it’s a very lovely one. I just need to have a good think about your party. Cake, at least, would be nice wouldn’t it?

So, until next time baby…Mmwah!

6 thoughts on “Dearest 22 Month Old”

    1. I know! This year feels like its completely flown by. I guess itll fly by even faster once they’re at school won’t it?

  1. Lovely post – he sounds a gorgeous little boy. 22 months was always my favourite age – still quite baby-like in some ways, but learning and changing so fast. I remember my kids using a new word or two every day at that age. Sounds like Z is doing that too!

    1. I love the little discoveries that he finds so fascinating. It’s like seeing it in a completely different light isn’t it?

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