(To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody)…

I see a little silhouetto of the hoover
Scaramouch, scaramouch, will you do the fandango
Now mums plugging it in, very very frightening me!!
Balamory, Balamory
Balamory on TV

I’m just a toddler, everybody loves me
He’s just a toddler from a normal family
Spare him the noise of this monstrosity
Easy come, easy clean, will you let me Hoover?

NO!!!!! will not let you hoover – let me hoooover!
Will not let you hoover – let me Hoover!!
Will not let you Hoover – let me Hoover!!
Will not let you Hoover – let me Hoover!!
Never let you hoover – *Sigh*
Never let you hoover…
No! No! No! No! No!!!

Oh mom! Oh mom! (Say mummy darling, mummy!) let me go…

Oh woolly and tig, this hoovers got its eye on meeeeeeee. On meeeeee! On meeeeeeee!!!!

Yes, Little Z is still terrified of the Hoover.


(Sorry, I’ve had Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head ever since I saw the theme for the Gallery this week was Frightful!. Well, actually, I thought it was “Frightening!”…till I saw the other entries. Oops.)

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39 thoughts on “Frightful”

    1. It is a monster of a machine. He’s always been terrified of it. We get some nice cuddles every day though every time its hoover time

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