Toddler Discipline

We have entered the world of disciplining toddlers. What started off as repeating “No. No. No. No” a gazillion times a day has evolved into the much more sophisticated “No don’t do that” with variations of crouching down to toddler eye level and wagging fingers thrown in.

The first time I properly told him off resulted in Little Z instantly bursting into tears, me being completely horrified and us both throwing our arms around each other. We then glued ourselves to the sofa for the remainder of the afternoon and watched Cbeebies.

I now use the crouch down to his level, make eye contact and calmly tell him off and it seems to work. Sometimes. Partially. Kind of.

The other day an incident occurred involving Little Z, Elmos head and the laminate flooring. If the talking Elmo was any smarter he would have run away and not come back from all the head banging that took place. Suffice to say it required a telling off at toddler eye level and an explanation that it “hurts Elmo”. I could see a hint of remorse in Little Zs eyes and then a glance sideways. Ahh good, I thought, he kind of understands. Then I saw something else. His eyes widened and he pointed towards the rain outside the window exclaiming “OHHHH look at dat!”.

(Note, little Z can’t say his “th’s” very well. He isn’t down with the homies or anything).

Little Zs zest and discovery of life right now is very infectious and can be instantly mood lifting. Moments like this can instantly stop you from whatever you were doing and just admire his latest find. This was one of those moments. Innocent discovery filled with pure joy. Ahhhh. Lovely boy. Cue lots more hugs and no more mention of Elmo or his head.

A couple of days later my mum and I were chatting over a cup of tea about Little Z…

Mum: “He’s very clever isn’t he?”

Me: Ahhh..“Well he is my son”… Haha!

Mum: “Well yes, but its so funny how he tries to distract me whenever I try to tell him off”.

Me: “What…?”

Mum: “Any time I try to tell him off he points at something and tells me to look, as if he’s trying to distract me. Clever little thing!”

Me: [silence] Oh.

I think I have been outsmarted by my son. Already.


11 thoughts on “Toddler Discipline”

  1. OMG my son does the same THING!!!! You gotta be kidding. My son is 23 months and when I try to tell him off he points to things to distract me, when that doesn’t work he starts asking for member of the family in a pityful voice like he wants them to save him which will not happen as they are miles away. THEN when all else fails he cries. I wonder if its a boy thing?

  2. We are trying to discipline Mads at the moment but is so hard- she is too young to understand 1, 2, 3 and she wouldn’t sit on the naughty step as she wouldn’t understand that either. So we resort to saying no but it doesn’t work! Aaah! x

    1. Katie we thought this with Burton so I left using the naughty step until he was past two and I left it too late as it doesn’t work very well with him now because its taken ages for him to accept using it! We have used it with Jenson for last month as he sees us doing it with B. I am sure Mads would understand they are more clever than we give them credit for!, I was much more precious with B than I have been with J!! Xx

  3. I shouldn’t be laughing, really, we are going through the exact same hell and it is most definitely NOT FUNNY. But that is kinda funny (you’ve got to laugh or you’ll cry right?!).
    We were in the middle of a busy shop yesterday and Beans pulled everything off a shelf and onto the floor with one sweep of her arm. Just as I opened my mouth to tell her off she said ‘silly mummy!’ at the top of her voice so everyone thought I had done it. Not fair.
    On the plus side, Z is clearly a genius. And better to be distracted by pointing than a tantrum!x

  4. Trying to sort discipline out is a complete nightmare! Sounds like your boy has got it sussed though…….to his advantage lol,this made me laugh! Clever boy x x

  5. Oh don’t I know what you mean! It seems that when V is told off for something – no matter how gently or firmly, he wants to do it again and again and again! Makes me want to tear my hair out!

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