The theme in the Gallery this week is Yellow.

If you asked me what my recent favourite “yellow” picture was then I’d probably say this:


Sunset from a moving car, on an iPhone. You could actually see the sun very clearly but the resulting picture looks like massive horizon of just yellow. A complete fluke but I liked it!

If you ask Little Z was his recent favourite “Lellow” thing is he would instantly reply “MOO MOO BAA BAA!” and bring you this


Actually, he doesn’t know it’s “Lellow” himself yet. This is one of his favourite toys and when he brings it I prompt him to repeat the colour. It’s a sort of animal jack in the box toy that’s really noisy and has been know to, umm, get lost every so often. He somehow finds it again though. I’m starting to think he has it bugged!

The reason he calls it “Moo Moo Baa Baa” is completely my fault. There is a Droopy cartoon from the 80s my mum had taped for my brothers and I when we were little. It involves an entire herd of serial grazing sheep coming to take over a cattle ranch. There is scene in it where a bull is running to the Sheriff to tell him the sheep are coming and screams “Moo Moo Moo! Baa Baa Baa!!” constantly. I know, it sounds a bit disturbing. I think it’s ingrained into my memory.

Wisdom I am now passing on.

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9 thoughts on “Yellow”

  1. Ha ha, love it! Love the contrast between nature and plastic! Also glad you’ve posted two pics because so have I and I wondered if it was a bit ‘naughty’ to do that! I could have posted loads!

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