You Know You’re Addicted to Blogging When…

You know you’re addicted to blogging when…

  1. You check your stats about 3 times a day (At least!!!)
  2. You absolutely love getting comments
  3. You’re always thinking about your next post
  4. Something hilarious / controversial / gossipy happens in real life and you wonder “Oooh could I blog about that?”
  5. Your hubby immediately spots the glint in your eye and says “don’t put that on your blog!”…Dammit!
  6. You spot something nice in the real world and think “That would make an excellent Silent Sunday / Gallery / Other Meme” photo
  7. You love love love PicMonkey and pray it doesn’t disappear the way of other photo editing tools!
  8. You start looking at photos in a completely different way…The colour! The contrast! The focus!
  9. You can’t sleep and end up writing an entire blog post in your head.  It is hilarious
  10. Come daylight you can’t remember much of it.  And its not that funny anymore
  11. You’re worried your blog will be found out by those people you don’t like / that judge / your inlaws!
  12. You watch your Tots100 score like a hawk as soon as it’s that time of the month! (Or that tweet comes out!)
  13. You wonder if you could become filthy rich from your blog by turning it into a book
  14. You wonder if you should change the design of your blog (again) and if its still “Fresh”
  15. You read everything you come across on “improving your SEO”
  16. You secretly still don’t actually get it
  17. You think Meh! and keep pimping it on Twitter
  18. You read some of your own old posts and laugh at the memory (sad I know).
  19. You are a member of about 10 different social media networks, mostly for your blog
  20. You have a couple of blogging buddies that have similar blogging subjects to yourself.  They are your benchmark at times.  They don’t know this
  21. You meet a very popular blogger in real and are speechless.  You manage a smile and wave!
  22. You love meeting your online bloggy friends in real life.  Hugs are involved.  You chat as if you talked yesterday
  23. You clamber over all emails to book onto the latest blogcamp
  24. You stay up till midnight so that you can get linked up to that meme as soon as its gone live
  25. You may have fallen asleep around 11.45pm occasionally waiting for it. Dammit

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