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I’m not one for much every day make up and usually stick to the concealer to keep my panda eyes at bay. I was, however, lucky enough to have my make up done by Arbonne International at the recent MADs awards and there was a tiny part of me that wasn’t sure what to expect for the final result. They did a brilliant job and, more than anything, it felt good and I didn’t feel like I was “caked” in it.

So when I was asked if I’d like to review some products I agreed. I was sent a berry blusher and an eye liner in an olive shade.


I was a bit unsure about the olive eye liner, having only ever worn black any time I put it on. Not being very adventurous I’d decided at first glance that I wouldn’t like it very much. Having tried it on though I was pleasantly surprised. Its not olive in the “green” sense but a very dark shade which looks off black and provides a hint of difference to the normal eye liner that most people wear. There is also a shimmer in it which means I wouldn’t wear it every day but it would be perfect for an evening out. It glides on really nicely and isn’t too inky which means a novice like me doesn’t end up drawing all over my own eye lid by accident.


The blusher is also shimmery and not something I’d probably buy myself. I always lean more towards matt shimmer-less shades but again this is, again, ideal for an evening out. I think I vaguely remember this being used on my own skin for the MAD awards and I loved it! Its probably a shade I need a push to wear out a few times before I got used to it. It was pinkier than it looked in its case but applied well and is a lovely colour.

It takes me some time to venture away from the one or two brands I usually use but I would definitely go for the eye liner. Simply because it applies so easily and well and I’ve always found it hard to find a good eye liner. The blusher was very nice too but the eye liner just tipped it slightly for me.

(I was sent the blusher and eye liner to review. All views are my own).

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  1. I’m absolutely dreadful with make-up. One day … eventually … when I finally get an hour spare, I think I’m going to book myself in for a proper lesson. I’d love to be able to do more than bung on a bit of mascare and a bucket load of blusher. And don’t get me started on foundation … after several horrific attempts, tinted moisturiser is as brave as I get.

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