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A few months ago I was asked if I’d like to review a chewable toothbrush and some baby / toddler toothpaste. Little Z is a very keen toothbrushing toddler. Every morning as soon as we’re up he’ll about “BASH!” (brush) and he then proceeds to do no brushing whatsoever but enjoys licking the toothpaste off his little blue brush. I thought this would be a fitting and easy review for the both of us. (It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I ended up chasing him around the room!)

So we were sent this…


A little pink brush which is very flexible and perfect for little baby / toddler hands. The “bristles” are different from traditional brushes and provide more a massaging feeling which is ideal for small gums.


I think it’s an excellent concept and I really liked how soft the structure is. It’s ideal for someone who wants to introduce it to their baby as a first toothbrush just to get them used to the whole new world of cleaning their teeth. I particularly liked the the layer brush bristles and the curved shape which makes it really easy to place into a baby’s mouth and get brushing over and done with in a shorter time than a traditional brush.

Little Z is now 22 months and has been using a small traditional brush for just under a year so he couldn’t associate the new “different looking thing” to being a new toothbrush but he did try it out and enjoyed the sensation for a while. So, for him, it was a partial success but I’d highly recommend it to mums trying out brushes on their babies for the first time.

The apple flavoured toothpaste is actually very nice (I wasn’t expecting it to be!). I remember my toddler tasting a traditional mint flavoured toothpaste for the first time and he found it very strong judging by the expression on his face so this is a nice way to introduce them to toothpastes in general.


The other thing that occurred to me is that it would make an excellent teething brush. The bristles and the shape of the brush is just perfect for a teething baby and toddler to chew on. It’s hard enough to be resistant to breaking yet not that hard that it would hurt them. Placing a bit of teething gel or teething powder on it and then letting a baby gnaw on it for a while would be quite soothing I think!

All in all, I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to try a brush on their baby for the first time.

If you’d like more information on Brush-Baby products visit

We were sent the brush and toothpaste for review.

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